Our team works hard every single day to bring U SAFE to the world, helping professionals all around the world on their jobs of saving lives. U SAFE allows them to save a life in a faster and easier way, without putting their own lives or vessels at risk. So every news about U SAFE is a reward for the daily effort of our team, that is commited to that mission: help saving lives.

Portuguese President inaugurated new Noras industrial unit

President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa inaugurated the new Noras industrial unit and attended the public presentation of the U SAFE buoy.

U SAFE - CES 2023 Innovation Awards

U SAFE®, including the Induction Stand, is an auto propelled, remote controlled water craft, fast-and precise that can reach a person Quick and Safe.

U SAFE official launching to the world at Volvo Ocean Race

U SAFE a self-propelled remotely controllable system, has its launch at a Volvo Ocean Race event, with one objective: Save Lives.