What is U SAFE?

The U SAFE is a self-propelled, remotely controllable system designed to be a fast and accurate “aquatic robot”, capable of quickly reaching a person in distress.
It has a U-shapped hull with two turbines, one on each leg, which allows the device to operate regardless of which side is facing up.
The behavior and controllability of the maritime rescue remotely controllable lifebuoy is highly effective due to the sophisticated guidance and navigation system.
It’s development aimed at simple and intuitive use, in order to allow anyone to perform a rescue, without previous training, maintaining high accuracy.
The most important advantage of the U SAFE buoy lies in the ability to allow a rescue under the most adverse conditions, such as rough seas or rocky areas. In this way, it prevents both the rescuer and the vessel from being in danger.

Fast Rescue

Due to its advanced technology and engineering, the U SAFE buoy can operate regardless which side is turned up, allowing it to perform in difficult weather or sea conditions.
The rescue mission becomes easier and more efficient with its dual turbine engine. The U SAFE buoy is patented in 71 countries.

Continuous Propulsion

Patented Two Sided System™: keeps going If flipped by waves Or radio connection is interrupted.

Always Ready To Go

Self activates instantly when deployed.


Our product has been designed down to the slightest detail.
From its “U” shape, to the remote control, battery and ergonomics – aiming to simplify the rescue. Its intuitive technology is simple to use and easy to maintain, ensuring long-lasting performance and allowing any person to grab the remote control and perform a rescue.

Intuitive Control

Simple, Ergonomic Remote Control Is Buoyant, Waterproof And Robust.

Wireless Charging System

Simultaneous Induction Charging Of Both Buoy And Controller.

User Friendly


We work daily aiming TO SAVE LIVES!

Safety is a really serious issue and we don’t take it as just a task, but as a mission. That is what drove us to create and develop the U SAFE® buoy. Our experience as water enthusiastics drew our attention to the risks and dangers of working and playing in the water, and for the lack of rescue solutions. So we have created an innovative product that is for EVERYONE.

Works In Tough Conditions, Rough Seas And Strong Currents.

Rescues Hard-to-reach Victims In Dangerous Cold Waters Or Inaccessible Places.



The ease of use of the U SAFE maritime rescue lifebuoy is one of its strenghts. Being in the standby mode, just throw the buoy into the water and it immediately activates, making the rescue faster. Easy to use, easy to charge, just clip the induction charger.


When it comes to rescue, every seconds counts.
The U SAFE maritime rescue lifebuoy has two motors and can reach a maximum speed of 15 km/h, allowing the person in danger to be saved as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Using the remote, it’s easy to control the U SAFE maritime rescue lifebuoy within the line of sight. Ergonomically designed to fit in one hand perfectly. With an intuitive maneuverability, the rescuer can save a victim fast and precisely.


Due to its advanced navigation system and its easy controllability, it is possible to reach people in danger with the highest precision, regardless of where they are.



Lt. Hager

(US Coast Guard)

“Great in getting into areas where we can’t get vessels and small boats to recover conscious people.”

Massimo Kothmeir

(CDR (ITCG) Head of 2nd Section)

“It can be thrown from anywhere. It is robust and resistant, ready to face any sea condition.”

Vice-Admiral Joe Philips

(Former Navy Commander)

“Dispatched within seconds and quickly reaches the man overboard without risking the lives of other crew members.”

Howard Dickinson

(Professional Lifeguard)

“It’s really fast, very easy to control, and I can position it perfectly.”

John Hancock

(Pilot, 447 rescue unit)

“It’s powerful, tough and ready for any mission.”

Edi Kogan

(Captain Magic Ocean)

“It’s reassuring to know that my passengers are much safer now.”

Aldo Galan

“So, this equipment is very easy, very intuitive and easy to use.”